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[SND]01. at the beginning.mp32019-04-14 15:49 28M 
[SND]08. keep it up.mp32019-04-14 15:49 18M 
[SND]05. steps to take.mp32019-04-14 15:49 18M 
[SND]06. take courage and keep on going.mp32019-04-14 15:49 15M 
[SND]03. this is not the end.mp32019-04-14 15:49 14M 
[SND]02. the long journey.mp32019-04-14 15:49 13M 
[SND]04. this is a new beginning.mp32019-04-14 15:49 9.4M 
[SND]07. a few more steps tot take.mp32019-04-14 15:49 9.1M